At CRJ, we have a longstanding commitment to sustainability and we are among the leaders of these movements in the Mediterranean region. Being part of the UN Global Compact since 2013 has driven us to focus on a large spectrum of areas to make a difference. We frequently improve our performance by innovation, self-evaluation, audits and by updating our production lines.

As a result, CRJ has successfully raised standards both within our business and the wider textiles industry in Tunisia. The ultimate goals of CRJ are to Reduce our impacts, Promote eco-friendly processes and Share our best sustainable practices.

“ My conviction is that sustainable development ensures our growth and contributes to our performance. A work environment that promotes integrity and respect is for us a source of competitive advantage to become a better company.

Our ambition, beyond our development in the Mediterranean market, is to become a responsible company that ensures compliance with legal, social and certificate requirements.

Our proximity to the sea reminds us every day how much our activity exceeds our sole destiny. We are driven by this commitment to write a new chapter in the sustainable and social adventure of CRJ ”




Water is the very reason for the existence of life on earth. CRJ is proud to have always taken the disposal and treatment of wastewater with utmost earnestness. We use water for manufacturing, dyeing and finishing garments. To help conserve local water resources and prevent pollution, we constantly invest in technologies and processes to save water and treat wastewater effectively

Used Water Treatment station

We conduct effluent purification in a factory-based wastewater treatments plant. The quality of the wastewater discharged is monitored internally, verified by laboratories and meets legal requirements

Saving Water in Denim production

We constantly lower water consumption ratios in denim washing and dyeing by adding several water-efficient processes.

Water-less dyeing processes

CRJ is constantly testing best practices in waterless dyeing with innovative machinery and sustainable dyes (compatible with GOTS) to save water.

Energy management

At CRJ, we are making energy savings by adding sustainable machinery and taking steps to save energy as much as possible in our factory.

Saving Electricity in Denim production

Continuous denim finishing line saves water, stream and electricity through energy management systems and sustainable engines for sewing machines.

Energy savings at factory and office

Usage of LED fixtures to consume less electricity and CRJ is planning to add new solar panel solutions in its factory and offices by 2022.


At CRJ, chemicals are used throughout garment productions to dye and embed our products with special effects. We are constantly improving our chemicals management by moving beyond compliance and using more sustainable dyes and processes.

Reducing Chemical Use

We strive to reduce our direct chemical use for the production of blue denim which is safer for our employees.

Discarding of Waste Chemicals

We follow the discarding of waste chemicals through certified processes as part of our sustainable development processes.


We consider that our employees’ safety, health and wellbeing are vital to the growth of CRJ. With a safe and healthy work environment, we aim to provide an ideal climate for the benefit and growth of every individual. To harmonize human growth and development, CRJ’s social responsibility towards employees ranges from the promotion of ethical and CSR criteria to the forward-looking management of skills.


CRJ is committed to supporting its staff professionally and privately through social benefits such as social pensions, family support and leisure activities.


CRJ is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees with free, healthy and nutritious meals prepared in our factory canteen as well as first-aid and pharmacy services to ensure safety at all levels.


CRJ is continuously improving its measures in favor of professional equity, inclusion and diversity by setting inclusive policies towards women rights representing 70% of our total workforce, and people with disabilities who have equal opportunities to join the CRJ family thanks to a neutral and transparent recruitment process.


CRJ is committed to providing its employees with the highest standards of training to help them stay updated with the latest innovations in washing, dyeing and finishing. The training budget represents 15% of the payroll, to develop levels of technicality and special skills.


Confirming that CRJ products meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

CRJ is continuously enhancing its environmental performance, fulfilling compliance obligations & achieving its environmental objectives.

Confirming that CRJ products meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Demonstrates the organic status of textiles to clients. It considers everything from raw materials to product and labelling. Standard can be applied to textiles made from at least 95% certified organic natural fibres.

The amfori BSCI code of conduct confirms that CRJ is driving improvements across our supply chain activities whilst trading with a purpose to improve social performance at all levels.

System confirming that CRJ is greatly contributing to the reduction of occupational injuries and diseases, including promoting and protecting physical and mental health within its organization.

The UN GLOBAL COMPACT certifies that CRJ is aligned with the UN strategies and operations to implement Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.